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v3.3.0 of FlyPaper is here!

With this update, Sherlock gets a load of upgrades from making creating an Area easier, to syncing clash comments with Procore. Daily and the Platform got better area management and a few ease-of-use upgrades like auto pulling in company colors from logos. PlanScan is where you’ll find we’ve really pulled out all the stops, with 12 new headline features from sticky note printing getting a lot smarter, to big P6 improvements – check it all out now!

Summit 2023 recording

We had a great Summit this year, a big thank you to everyone who was able to attend live! If you missed it here’s a link to the recording so you can check out all the updates whenever works for you 🚀

Procore Integration

Have you ever wanted to keep your Navisworks clash detective in sync with your Procore Coordination Issues? Well, now you can!


Have you ever felt like construction software could be better? So did we, and that’s exactly what FlyPaper Technologies is here to fix.


The one tool that distills your Navisworks workday down to only a few seconds. A truly powerful tool, designed to simply work.


The superintendent daily reporting tool you’ve been waiting for. Simply and elegantly store and collect data for daily job site reports from any device or platform, and integrate it with the tools you already use.

Planscan logo blue


Say hello to the exciting new PlanScan. Explore a redesigned and streamlined Pull Planning experience.  Stay in the moment during your planning meetings by interacting with a physical board while still being able to visualize and analyze your plan in a virtual interface.



FlyPaper Summit 2023

Virtual September 7th


LCI Congress 2022

October 18-21 in New Orleans



Autodesk Conference 2024


Procore Groundbreak 2024



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AMS Mechanical

Aaron Wachter Design Team Coordinator

This simple but robust tool has saved our coordination team countless hours…

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Aaron Wachter

“This simple but robust tool has saved our coordination team countless hours. The task of grouping clashes has been redefined from hours to seconds. The task of explaining where a clash occurs in the model has transformed as well. The old way was a lengthy description of column lines and directions. Now with Sherlock, a click of the mouse shows the clash in plan view with a giant arrow pointing at it. This saves everyone from the draftsmen to the BIM coordinator a lot of time.”


Steve Otis

For working as a lead on MEP projects. Doing clash for the whole project…

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Steve Otis

“For working as the lead on MEP projects. Doing clashes for the whole project. The ease of use of Sherlock makes it an indispensable tool for quickly consolidating clashes and freeing up time to work on solutions to the tough issues”

University Mechanical Contractors, Inc

Chongpao Saeyang Project Lead

(Sherlock) takes the tedious time and effort in grouping…

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Changpao Saeyang

(Sherlock) takes the tedious time and effort in grouping clashes away from my daily task.”

VIATechnik, LLC

Jesse Huynh Technology Solution Manager

Sherlock is just simple to use and doesn’t need all the fancy settings to do a good job…

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VIATechnik, LLC

Jesse Huynh

“Sherlock is just simple to use and doesn’t need all the fancy settings to do a good job.”

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