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Have you ever felt like construction software could be better?
So did we, and that’s exactly what FlyPaper Technologies is here to fix. At our core we believe good construction software needs to get out of your way and do everything a computer is good at. In practice, this leaves you with more time to do what you do best, delivering superior buildings to your clients.

Nick Fredricks

Nick Fredricks

Co-Founder & CTO

Nick grew up in the construction industry: from being brought to jobsites in diapers by his grandfather, to working in the trades throughout high school, to project management and BIM coordination after college. Frustrated with the current state of construction software, he now spends his time programming and trying to find the best cup of coffee in Detroit.


Flypaper is improving 3D Trade Coordination and Clash Detection for its clients

“This simple but robust tool has saved our coordination team countless hours. The task of grouping clashes has been redefined from hours to seconds. The task of explaining where a clash occurs in the model has transformed as well. The old way was a lengthy description of column lines and directions. Now with Sherlock a click of the mouse shows the clash in plan view with a giant arrow pointing at it. This saves everyone from the draftsmen to the BIM coordinator a lot of time.”

Aaron Wachter AMS Mechanical Design Team Coordinator

“Sherlock saves me a lot of time when I’m running clash tests. The automatic grouping feature is extremely fast and really helps out our subs. Sherlock allows me to quickly determine where the biggest problem areas are so I can spend less time clicking through clashes and more time coordinating.”

Andy Darland Barton Malow Company VDC Manager

“I’ve never used the old way of grouping clashes, but after speaking with one subcontractor whom said 3/4th of her time is just making these groups, I’ve seen the impact Sherlock has had. Being able to receive updated models and quickly create the groups allows me to jump right into reviewing clashes. In addition, having the option to either regroup all clashes OR keep existing groups has eliminated the time dedicated to reviewing the same clash several times.”

Brian Dregne Barton Malow Company Project Engineer/Coordinator

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