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With this update, our primary goal was to enhance the platform’s personalization by tailoring it to your unique usage patterns. We have introduced features such as remembering applied filters and implementing numerous timeline updates for PlanScan, in addition to addressing several pesky bugs to ensure a smoother experience!

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Our Navisworks plugin that unlocks a world of features and power-ups that Navisworks alone cannot provide.

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Procore integration!

It’s now live! You can download it now on the Procore Marketplace, and we’ve put together a video showing you can easily sync your clashes between Navisworks and Procore.


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We’re always hard at work squashing bugs! All of them from this milestone were minor and aren’t worth wasting your time with.

  • Issue names are now truncated to 80 characters when creating Procore issues. Fixes an issue where clashes with more than 80 character names silently failed to create issues in Procore.
  • Fixed an issue where the Create Issue dialog fields would reset when the model was saved.
  • Fixed an issue causing some users to not be able to connect to Procore via the integration.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Sync Issues dialog to crash when clash tests were removed from a model.


The base we build from to create everything FlyPaper.

You can now download any report from the report generator in Excel and JSON.

Readonly fields are now visually distinguishable from editable fields


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Our Superintendent reporting tool. Simply report what is happening on your jobsite.

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By default we now only show your worklogs, notes and attachments.

Don’t worry you can still see others by removing the filter, any filter you apply will be remembered automatically for the next time you visit daily.

Batch download multiple daily reports by date range

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PlanScan updates

A virtual and physical pull planning solution, currently in private beta.

Want to know more? Contact us at support@flypaper.com

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Timeline facelift

The timeline has had some changes made to save space and show you more of what you want to see, your activities.
We have also added to each activity’s tooltip the timestamp of when that activity was last scanned by the mobile scanner. With this, you can easily see which activities have been scanned recently during an update.

Variance report improvements

The variance report is now letter-sized and shows percentages on the charts.
We also now automatically abbreviate area names to save space. This abbreviation is for all of the parent areas leaving the selected child area full text for readability. This will be applied to all reports showing area names in the future.

Ability to unschedule an activity via the mobile scanner

Sync filters in Full Screen and non-fullscreen timelines

We want to hear from you!

You can easily share feedback and bugs with us by clicking the feedback button in the App Bar, and through there you can attach screenshots and files to help document what you’re trying to share with us. 

FlyPaper Academy

Want some pro tips on how to use Sherlock or Daily? We’ve got you covered, you can check out our series of tutorials that show you how to get the most out of FlyPaper’s products.

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