New Superintendent Daily Report Application, FlyPaper Daily, Released This Week

DETROIT, Michigan FlyPaper Technologies announced its release of a new superintendent daily reporting application called FlyPaper Daily, rethinking the traditional pen and paper process and streamlining your workflow. Traditionally, completing these reports can be tedious, difficult to read, error-prone, and impossible to create impactful reports from. The new Daily application allows superintendents and their subcontractors the ability to enter contractor worklogs, notes, gather information through surveys, and include relevant attachments about what’s happening on the job site each day, all from their smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Daily is built on a cross-platform application framework that works on any device, with a simple design that makes it easy to share information between project team members and rollover information from the previous day’s daily. The application also generates clear, yet data-rich reports that can be sent to anyone, anywhere.

FlyPaper used constant feedback and ideas from actual construction workers in the field to build Daily, which helped it evolve into a powerful aid to superintendents’ workflows instead of just more work on their to-do list. To date, the application has been tested with 375 total users generating nearly 14,000 daily reports on over 130 projects across the country.

For more information about Daily or to set up a demo, visit

FlyPaper Technologies started with the goal of building simple yet powerful applications that remove the hours of computer to human translation and give time back to our customers to do what they’re best at. Since the launch of their flagship product, Sherlock, FlyPaper has expanded its product offerings and begun to offer custom solutions built on their robust and powerful application framework. For more information, visit

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