You love Sherlock and now it loves you back

With our new referral program the more referrals you make, the less you pay for Sherlock – it could even be free!

Where can you find you’re code?

Your referral code is in the email you got from us when you signed up for Sherlock, as well as renewal updates emails.

It should look like the email below

Referral program info

So how does it work?

For each person you refer, each month you will accrue 10% of their monthly subscription value. At your next renewal, the accrued discount will be applied to your account. This continues as long as your referrals maintain their subscriptions.

Each person you refer also receives a one-time 10% discount.

Example scenarios

Alice refers Bob, Bob subscribes for a yearly network license ($1,200/yr). Alice receives a $120 credit toward her account. She will also receive an additional $120 each year if Bob renews his subscription.

Joe refers Andrew, Andrew’s company purchased 4 standalone licenses ($80/mo * 4 = $320/mo). Each month Joe will receive a $32 credit toward his account. He will also receive an additional $32 each month if Andrew renews his subscription.

Are you new to Sherlock?

Visit our website to get to know all of our products and feel free to contact us with any questions or help you need.

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